About Me


I think my expressions and presence in the photos was so organic and vulnerable

because of the nurturing way he talked and laughed with me while taking them.  

He made me feel safe, he made me feel confident.  

He captured my essence, my aura and somehow even my thoughts through his lens...

and I have those same feelings I felt as he was taking them and those memories I made with him in my hands 

and rushing back to my heart when I hold those precious pieces of paper.  

I would like to think I acquired the way I work from him.  

I gravitate towards the romantics, the believers, the people who feel deeply and want to remember it all. 

I want your photos to radiate and glow with all the glittering pieces that make up you and your life.

Photography is the only way I know how to freeze time

so we can return back whenever we want to and feel it all over again.

I pray that when you look back at the photos on your walls or next to your bed or in your albums... 

every precious detail comes rushing back to you.

My name is Miriam but you can call me Max.  I've been told I see the world a little differently than most...

Which might be why my photos have a slightly different life to them.


Photography has always felt like home to me. 

I can't put a price on the photos my Grandfather (my hero) took of me throughout my life.  

He was an accountant by profession and apparently my personal paparazzi whenever we were together.

The photos he took always stand out to anyone who sees them.

  I believe it was because of his smile behind the camera.  

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