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Ashlee + Alfredo : Fairytale Summer Wedding // M&D Farm, NY

How ironic that I make my first blog post about a wedding that left me speechless. M&D farm is truly in a world of it's own...the setting is serene and there is eye candy perfection everywhere you look. I'm convinced that fairies hired Joanna Gaines to decorate their home and this was the result.

The day was straight out of a fairy tale as well. There were good vibes all around, the bride looked absolutely incredible...the food was amazing and to top it off there was a 15 minute sun shower that gifted these two newlyweds with a double rainbow. I mean?!?!! Sit back, relax and step into Ashlee and Alfredo's perfect day...

Look!! I told you this is where fairies lived!!

These girls were an absolute dream...They would have twirled and posed and smiled all day long if I asked them to.

Juxtaposition anyone?

To be fair, it was his birthday...and what boy wants to dress up and be told he can't get dirty?

Back to the perfection...

Ashlee's bouquet was wrapped in fabric from her late Grandmother's wedding dress, and her engagement ring was made up of her Grandmother's engagement ring and wedding ring. SO special. I am certain Nanny was with us smiling and beaming with pride the whole day through <3

Ashlee you were truly a dream. Shout out to Kaitlin at Stut Spalontique for picture perfect makeup as always that literally did not budge even through a rain storm.. and Dana from Premier Hair Lounge who's hair was perfection and also stayed in place THE WHOLE DAY!! (Is any of this even possible?!)

Mr & Mrs at last!!!!!

Happy Parents right here...

This seriously romantic setting...the joy and love was everywhere and I could have frolicked in it forever capturing the beauty and romance of it all. this was the third wedding I've photographed that had Slidin Dirty in attendance... this. place. SLAYS. If you've never had....track them down, they're always out and about... GO get some!!!

And since I'm being bossy... attention Brides-to-Be ... don't waste even a second worrying about rain on your wedding day. Why? Because skies like THIS. And let me tell you, the guests were literally running around dancing and laughing in that summer rain like it was their job.

Have I mentioned how much I loved this place and these people? Elegant enough to make you feel fancy but laid back enough where you feel at home enough to truly have a blast.

The perfect day faded gently into perfect night...more bubbly was popped, fires were lit, and everything sweet was brought out to fuel the dance floor..

Before I go...

The dream weavers behind this fairytale oasis... These two men instantly stole my heart. Class, heart and style. Daniel and Mario.

Be sure to comment below with any well wishes for the Bride and Groom, your favorite memory of the couple, or if you were a guest...leave your favorite memory from the day below!!

Venue: M&D Farm

Catering: Slidin Dirty


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