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::Something BLUE:: Melissa & Greg's Mediterranean Voyage //IKOS Dassia, Greece

When one of your brides maids asks you to come play an integral part of her own wedding you can't refuse.

Especially when it's being held in the "No1 All Inclusive Resort in the World".

As some of you may know from personal planning pushes your brain into another league of brain function all together.

When you plan it clear across the globe...well...the heavens have to open up to keep your dreams afloat. Or you have to have an ocean's depth of tenacity. These two have it.

Marriage is nothing but pulling off the impossible together. Planning together...setting dreams...stumbling... and accomplishing them TOGETHER.

Even though they were told pulling off a wedding like this with all of their closest family and friends (coming from all corners of the world) would be nearly impossible...they did it. Brilliantly. Without a wedding planner.

(No, I don't recommend this for everyone. These are two of the travel-savviest, make sh*t happen people I've ever met...but it IS possible!)

The couple exchanged the sweetest wedding vows overlooking the turquoise Ionian sea...lead the whole party through paths of lavender, lemon trees and standing ovations from onlookers, to brunch at the 6-star brilliantly white and airy OUZO.

Waffles were not on the menu...but...when brunch is the bride's favorite..and waffles are her most coveted brunch magically shows up. And people. They were LIFE.

After was on. Bathing suits (and Groomsmen jumpSUITS) were the dress code until dinnertime...

..When I stole the two away for some quiet moments together.

They then made their way to the most epic sweetheart table I'll probably ever see....overlooking the cotton candy Mediterranean sunset.

The party literally DID NOT END.


The following day the Bride and Groom treated all their guests to an Island Hopping excursion...lead by the most care free skipper. We docked on island after with a castle to explore, one with underwater canyons to swim through... and everyone jumped off all sides of the boat while the Captain and his crew threw their fishing lines into the water and grilled an authentic Greek BBQ for us all. I don't have enough words to describe the olive oil they drizzled all over our bread. Ok, take me back NOW.

There were too many laughter, filled stories to tell. Too many wonder eyed sites to explain...and it was all because two people fell in love.

I know Greg and Melissa have only scratched the surface of their potential as a husband and wife team. I'm honored and blessed to have watched their story unfold...captured pieces of a beautiful moment in time when so many people came together...and look forward to celebrating many many more life achievements for these two very special people. <3

May your plans and hearts be forever as big as the sea!


When you two look back on these images..I hope you remember the joy..the laughter...the salty water and sweet air. Thank you for bringing us all together and sharing with us your greatest love. <3 M

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