Luminous , Evoking IMAgery for romantics who dare to dream.

Delivered with a delicate mix of editorial & cinematic documentary flair.

                            Approached with heart, warmth & a priority on service; giving you the best experience imaginable.

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The Artist

Miriam Wolf


I'm a lover of secret gardens, sun showers, wind swept hair and picnics along the coast. . Conversations that dive deep and kindreds that lift each other up.

It isn't by chance you are here,  and I await every detail of your story.

 I live to capture true romantics in their element.  Souls who believe their everlasting commitment will serve as a legacy of inspiration for generations to come.   

My greatest joy is getting to that real you.  The wild and honest connection you share.   

My hope is that we part as forever friends and you feel exhilarated, strong and more beautiful than ever before.

I pray every time your eye catches the art we create your heart beats a little faster and you feel a sense of peace and belonging.



While I’m a photographer with 8 years of professional experience, I grew up in the world of  film. 

Working with the most incredible directors, producers, visual arts teams and story tellers in the business.  

I was taught what angles of the face and body work wonders in-camera.  I understand that every detail matters.

Not only the genuine connection but the background, the textures and light, the wardrobe…it all has a dramatic effect on the outcome of your images. 


I’ve always been drawn to captivating storytelling in the most artistic, romantic ways possible. I care SO deeply about every story I tell.   Your story. 

 When I ask myself what I want to give the world.  The answer is always, I want people to believe in their highest potential.  

I want them to fully realize and always remember how much they are worth and how beautiful they are. 

This life goes so fast.  

 The only thing that soothes my heart is when I know our story is being documented beautifully so I can return whenever I want. 

I bring my love of fairy tale films, Thomas Kincaid paintings and Vogue covers to the meeting table 

and sprinkle magic over your selections to make them glow with the kind of energy it breathed in person. 

The Difference

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