I left the world of film production after my last project teaming up with Ben Affleck in Argo to concentrate fully on documenting real life stories.  Love stories.

My background in film, TV & producing left me with a deep understanding of how to fully capture and convey emotion and beauty before me. 

To be fully transparent with you, growing up I thought my calling was to be in front of the camera.  

My dream was to create the kind of movies that left audiences shaken and un able to move once the credits started rolling.

The kind that you just have to keep talking about the whole drive home.  I wanted the films to be inspiring. I wanted people to feel deeply.

Then I realized the world of film lends little room to be choosy. 

I'd have to give up my morals and visions to have a chance of ever leaving something to be treasured behind.

Then I realized I had the answer in front of me the whole time.

Growing up photography was my favorite hobby.  Dressing my friends up and searching all day for the perfect locations.

I dream with you.  I plan.  I make sure every single little detail is ready to make your session more than you ever wished it could be. 

During our session we simply play.  We adventure.  We laugh.  I squeal a few hundred times and we both go home knowing we created something unforgettable. 

Thats when most photographers load up your images, select their favorites, adjust for light and color and present them to you. 

This is only the beginning for me.

While there are quite literally thousands of photographers you could choose, I want your images to be stunning even more than you do.   So I make certain they are.

From taking the time to remove the marks on your new Hubby's neck from his shaky handed wedding day shave in 400 images..

to making it look as if you actually slept the night before your wedding.

When I ask myself what I want to give the world.  The answer is always, I want people to believe in their highest potential.  

I want them to fully realize and always remember how much they are worth and how beautiful they are. 

This life goes SO fast.  I am constantly struggling with letting it slip through my fingers.

 The only thing that soothes my heart is when I know our story is being documented beautifully so I can return whenever I want. 

I bring my love of fairy tales films, Thomas Kincaid paintings and Vogue covers to the meeting table 

and sprinkle magic over your selections to make them glow with the kind of energy it breathed in person. 

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